ACC Wholesale has a long and proud history. John Huckabee began our business in 1937, opening a small warehouse on Atlanta’s Marietta Street and specializing in cigars. As product lines expanded, we moved to Memorial Drive in 1961; in 1964, Huckabee won the Southern Candy Association’s Citizenship Cup. Due to further growth, we moved to Grant Park in 1989 and to our new Atlanta location in 2019.

Through the years, customers no less than Braves skippers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox, Cardinal Hall of Famer Lou Brock, L.A. Laker Magic Johnson (when in town to play the Hawks), and the Dwarf House – the original Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia – all bought from us. Also, after Desert Storm, Fort McPherson bought Macanudo cigars as a victory gift for Colin Powell.

The story doesn’t stop there. Our drivers made special 4 a.m. deliveries to customers when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympic Games, and our Grant Park warehouse was within walking distance of the exciting events. AMC’s The Walking Dead television series used that same warehouse as a base during part of its Summer 2010 filming. Most recently, in 2017, Elmore Koons, Jr., our Honorary Chairman of the Board, celebrated 60 years at ACC.

Our family-run business is now in its fourth generation. Our employees have stayed on for many years at a time (for some, decades), and our customers have proven just as loyal. These customers include hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, golf clubs, drug stores, restaurants, bottle shops, and snack bars throughout the Metro Atlanta area. We believe that employee and customer loyalty has enabled ACC Wholesale to be successful for so many years.

ACC Delivery Trucks During the 1940’s